Susanna + Aaron | Intersections of Baltimore Themed Wedding | AVAM

August 24, 2023 Susanna + Aaron | Intersections of Baltimore Themed Wedding | AVAM

Susanna and Aaron were married this past weekend at the American Visionary Art Museum in the most unique Baltimore themed wedding we’ve ever been a part of!

The Couple

“Two neighbors met on an overcast day in South Baltimore at the intersection of Marshall & Birckhead. They didn’t quite know what it meant at the time, but it felt significant. The meaning became clear a few years later when they found an instant connection on their first date just four blocks north. We are grateful to Baltimore for bringing us together, and can’t wait for it to bring all of us together for our wedding as we celebrate the intersection of all of our lives!”

The Wedding

We’ve photographed a lot of weddings with cool details, but none as intentional or meaningful as Aaron and Susanna’s. Their first meeting being at a very specific intersection in their neighborhood has influenced so many of their wedding details. Even their rings are shaped like a V (including Susanna’s engagement ring with emeralds along the V), representing the way a street sign at an intersection looks from below. The coolest of the things that Susanna and Aaron put together for their wedding was the kinetic sculpture that was their chuppah!

Their wedding planner, Rachel summed it up well: “When two engineers (one of whom is also an artist/ironsmith) get married, they don’t just have any old Chuppah with any processional. They build a fully operational lamp post with a mechanism that rises to the top, only when each wedding guest hooks a ribbon to one of 150 rat tails on this mechanism, and then all the guests simultaneously pull the ribbons to activate the switch. Then they let “Good Morning, Baltimore” from Hairspray play as the ribbon-adorned mechanism rises to the top of the lamp post, creating the world’s first (and only) crowd-participation kinetic sculpture chuppah-in-the-round.”

So, needless to say, visually this wedding was a treat. However, that was not the most important part of Susanna and Aaron’s wedding. What was clear was how much they care about and love all of the people in their lives. This was the most guest-centric wedding we’ve been to, with a ton of activities people could partake in, incredible food, delicious ice cream from their favorite local ice cream shop, and more! They created a beautiful feeling of community and fun, and the joy was palpable all day. Here are just some of my favorites from the most special day!

Intersections of Baltimore Themed Wedding at AVAM

American Visionary Art Museum Wedding Vendors

Venue: American Visionary Art Museum
Photographers: Breanna Shaw and Jim Heine, Photography by Brea
Photo booth: Us!
Videographer: Ben Fordham
Rachel Hoffberger and Jess Pasko, Plan it Perfect
K Street Union
Bakery: Cake by Jason
Officiant: Rebecca Hoffberger
Caterer: Zeffert & Gold
Ice Cream: Moo Moo Cows
Chrissy Wai-Ching
Hair and Makeup: Heather Rea Style Studio
Lighting & Drapes: Event Dynamics



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