Linhan + Kai | Springfield Manor Wedding Photos | Thurmont, MD

August 30, 2023 Linhan + Kai | Springfield Manor Wedding Photos | Thurmont, MD

Linhan and Kai‘s wedding this past Saturday at Springfield Manor was absolutely beautiful with an epic party! I’m excited to share the highlights on the blog today.

The Couple

From the bride: “We met in college, had a bunch of classes together, and actually lived in the same building. I was always obsessed with Kai and thought he was the cutest thing ever (I have screenshots of me Gchatting my friend that we were going to get married after Kai sent me a friend request on FB). One day, Kai came up to me in a bar and offered me an extra Corona (he claims he miscounted for his friends). I never turn down a free drink, so naturally I said yes. We spent the rest of the night hanging out and getting to know each other.

“Unfortunately, this was the end of senior year of college, so soon Kai went off to med school in Stony Brook, NY and I went to grad school in Boston, MA. We reconnected a year later and Kai came up to Boston to visit, and we started a long distance relationship against all odds. Eventually, I started med school in Baltimore, and Kai matched in Internal Medicine residency in Baltimore 2 years after that, and our long distance relationship finally ended.”

The Proposal

“We picked out the ring together and so I knew it was coming. I jokingly said it would be really cute if Kai proposed at Cylburn Arboretum since that was our first real date in Baltimore and Kai panicked because that’s exactly where he was going to propose!!! He also had a 1 week window (when he was on vacation) and so I knew it was coming. The day before, Kai said he had to run some errands and I offered to go with him as usual, but he quickly said no. He then proceeded to turn off “Find My Friends” as soon as he left, which naturally gave me an alert on my iPhone. He came back ~1 hour later and turned “Find My Friends” back on, which again alerted me, and when I clicked on the alert, it said he as at Cylburn Arboretum ~30 minutes ago!! So his plan to be sneaky failed.

“He proposed the next day, and had his sister and her partner prepared with cameras to take photo/video… except he told them the wrong location. The only “engagement video” we have is of them running down the hill saying “IT’S HAPPENING!!” We had a short impromptu photoshoot in the park after, then Kai surprised me with my parents, his parents, and his sister/her partner at our house with a surprise party :)”

The Wedding

Capturing Linhan and Kai’s wedding at Springfield Manor this past Saturday was truly an honor. Linhan and Kai are kind, brilliant, and warm – and so are their wonderful friends and family. I’ve really grown to adore them and this was such a special day to be a part of. From the serene setting to the lively and unforgettable celebration that followed, every element came together to create a truly magical experience. Here are just some of my favorites from our time together!

Springfield Manor Wedding Photos

springfield manor wedding photo lavender field springfield manor vineyard photo bride and groom in lavender field at springfield manor Wedding photo of Bride and groom in lavender field springfield manor groom watches bride walk down the aisle at springfield manor with rainbow wedding ceremony view at springfield manor the wedding couple at golden hour at springfield manor Portrait of the bride and groom taken at the fountain after dark at Springfield Manor

Springfield Manor Wedding Vendors

Venue: Springfield Manor
Photographers: Breanna Shaw and Jim Heine, Photography by Brea
Photo Booth: Us!
Nikki Stec, Simply Created Events
District Remix
Lee Russell Films
Shae Liang, Kai’s sister
Sage Cakery
Great American Caterers
Alexandra Grecco
Lovely Bride DC
Susan Lim
Thurman & Fig
American Limousine



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