Abbey + Cody | Secret New Years Eve Wedding at Wonderfly Arena | Timonium, MD

January 4, 2024 Abbey + Cody | Secret New Years Eve Wedding at Wonderfly Arena | Timonium, MD

Abbey and Cody were MARRIED this past weekend on New Year’s Eve at Wonderfly Arena and I am so excited to share their not-wedding-wedding on the blog today!

The Couple

From Abigail: “Cody and I met in the summer of 2013. A group of my friends has been playing open mic nights where we would all go to listen, and one day Cody was invited by a mutual friend. Cody ended up working late so he didn’t make it to the open mic night, but came to hang out with us at the house afterwards. I was inside and Cody was outside on the porch talking to our friend Josh, and I saw the back of his head through the bay window and immediately asked “who is that?!” “That’s Cody Snow,” one of my friends told me, so I went to introduce myself. I totally fumbled our introduction because he made me so nervous, but I knew immediately that this guy was the real deal.

He didn’t stay long, but as soon as he left I asked Josh for Cody’s contact info. Cody woke up the next day to me following him on IG and twitter, adding him on Facebook, and texting him. We hung out all summer and my feelings grew really fast, and I told him I wasn’t ready to date anyone (I had a horrible breakup 4 months before meeting Cody) and he said “Okay, I’ll be here when you’re ready.” I was mostly scared that I cared about someone this much this quickly.

“We then became best friends over the next few months, talked every single day, he came to visit me a few times while I was away at school, and I realized I couldn’t hide from my feelings forever! Cody wasn’t like my ex, he was the best dude I’ve ever met. I came home for winter break and things made an obvious switch from friends to more than.”

Their First New Year’s Eve

“On New Year’s Eve, we went to a party at our friend’s house. He was holding my hand all night, bringing me drinks, generally being a sweetheart, and I wasn’t going to let midnight happen without kissing him. Right before midnight, Cody disappears with one of our friends so she could give him his Christmas present. I was frantically searching for him, yelling WHERE’S CODY?!?! because I WAS NOT going to miss this kiss I had waited so long for. Cody appeared, we counted down, and at midnight we shared our first kiss (cheeeeesyyyyyy hahaha). After that he looked at me and said “So… is this a thing now?” to which I replied “Try again,” and he asked me to be his girlfriend. New Year’s has been my favorite tradition for the last 9 years for this reason, I still feel all those giddy emotions I felt all those years ago. :)

“In the ten years we’ve been together, we got through long distance while I was in college (and later when he was sent on work trips for extended periods), owned two houses together, collected a gang of pets that are like children, traveled, grown, learned, struggled, and thrived together. He’s still the best dude I know, we still talk all day every day, and he’s my favorite person to go to with any news, good bad or ugly. We still wanted to celebrate all the love that has come from our love, so we decided to throw Tinfinity! We’re bringing in our 10th year together surrounded by a network of joy and love, and I truly couldn’t ask for more.”

The Not-Wedding

So when Abbey originally reached out to me, she explained that her and Cody would be celebrating their 10th anniversary with a big party on New Year’s Eve and were looking for a photographer. They didn’t want to get married, but still wanted to celebrate with all of the people they loved the most. So they decided to throw a Tinfinity party (any New Girl fans out there?) at Wonderfly Arena in Timonium. With video game consoles, giant human sized hamster balls, a turf for lots of awesome field games, and a variety of lawn games, there was SO much for people to do. I was beyond psyched to capture it.

When I showed up on New Years Eve, Abbey said they’d changed their mind two days ago and decided to get married anyway! So, before their guests arrived, I photographed the shortest ceremony I’ve ever photographed (literally less than a minute) and they were pronounced married! It was kept a secret to everyone until midnight when Cody spilled the beans to everyone on the microphone. It was the most fun and best way to ring in the new year and I am so excited to share highlights on the blog today!

Wonderfly Arena Wedding Photos



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