Pond View Farm Wedding | Maryland Photographer | Hannah + Meredith

Hannah Meredith Pond View Farm same sex wedding

October 4, 2016 Pond View Farm Wedding | Maryland Photographer | Hannah + Meredith

I have been looking forward to Hannah and Meredith‘s Pond View Farm wedding for literally years. They booked me more than two years out, and we’ve been talking about it for longer. I love these guys so much.

The Couple

I stole this (and condensed it) from their wedding website, Meredith did such a great job writing it!

Hannah and Meredith met in the most romantic way possible– the internet. Somewhere in Meredith’s profile it said, “I love people who can teach me something.” Hannah messaged her with a simple “the only thing I can teach you about is food.” And so it began. After several days of texting and talking on the phone, they decided to meet.

Dinner grew cold as they talked for hours and the restaurant staff started putting chairs on the tables around them. At some point during the conversation, Hannah stopped Meredith mid-sentence and asked “did you just use the word ‘ethnocentric’ in casual conversation?” At that moment, Hannah knew Meredith was the one for her, even if she was wearing an awful studded belt and oversized jeans.

The Proposal

In March 2015, Hannah planned an extra special trip to Walt Disney World for Meredith’s Spring Break from law school. Little did she know, Meredith had something special planned for her as well. The first night in Orlando, Meredith and Hannah went to dinner in Animal Kingdom and then, with the night still young, Hannah suggested they walk around Downtown Disney before heading back to the room. Trying to play it cool, which does not come naturally for Meredith, she agreed.

After returning to the resort, the two managed to get lost searching for their room, as Hannah is directionally challenged and Meredith’s mind was focused on what she was going to say when they returned to the room. Hannah opened the door of the hotel room to see, amongst the candlelight, an arrangement of daisies, her favorite, and a trail of rose pedals. “I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” Meredith said. Not something that goes unsaid between these two, Hannah remained oblivious to what would happen next. Realizing this, Meredith began to stutter and her face turned many shades of red. Meredith got down on one knee and showed Hannah the ring she’d been designing in secret for over month. “Oh my god, of course,” Hannah replied.

The Wedding

I love these guys so much, I knew their wedding would be amazing, but there were no expectations too high for this day. There was Chipotle (which I indulged in as well!), nintendo, surprise puppies, a french fry bar, and late night pizza. There was laughter with friends, vows that brought tears to everyone in the room (and a fairly loud “well, shit” from one of the guests – hilarious), loads of awesome dance moves, and so, so much love. I couldn’t be happier to have been a part of their day, and I’m so glad that through all this, we’ve become friends.

Pond View Farm Wedding Photos

hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0694Hannah Meredith Pond View Farm same sex wedding bride custom tux hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0695hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0706 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0766hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0697 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0699hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0767 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0700 Hannah Meredith Pond View Farm same sex wedding Bride dress hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0703 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0704 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0707 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0709 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0711 Hannah Meredith Pond View Farm same sex wedding surprise puppieshannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0715 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0718 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0719 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0720 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0721 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0722 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0723 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0724 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0725hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0727 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0726 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0728 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0729 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0730 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0731 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0732 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0733 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0734 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0735 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0736 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0737 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0738 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0739 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0740 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0741 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0742 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0743 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0744 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0745 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0746 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0747 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0750 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0751 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0752 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0753 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0754 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0755 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0768hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0757 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0758 hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0759hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0762hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0764hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0763hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0761hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0765

And for fun, five and a half couples that I’ve photographed were in attendance at this wedding (including the brides) and it was so cool and a once in a lifetime thing that I had to get a photo with them all!

In chronological order: Jamie and Tommy, Chelsea and Pete, Eden and Ryan (who was missing but is represented by a slice of lemon in the photo), Megan and Danny, Lori and Matt and finally Hannah and Meredith!hannah-meredith-pond-view-farm-wedding_0760

Pond View Farm Wedding Vendors

J. Amy Dillard
Bakery: Kelly Wallace
Caterer: Eleven Courses
Bridal Gown: Francesca’s
Bridal Tuxedo: Ella Pritsker
Hair Stylist: Good Looks by Jamie and Beauty by Lori
Makeup Artist: H&K Makeup Artistry
Rentals: Vintage Affairs
Wedding Stationery: Minted



  • Christa Rae
    Posted at 00:33h, 04 October Reply

    I love your use of tilt shift and of course, off camera flash! Beautiful photos and these two rocked it in the rain! So cool that you got a photo with 5 couples you’ve photographed!!

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 06:30h, 04 October Reply

    This wedding was SO much fun- and that bouquet toss!!!!!! YES!

  • Lauren C
    Posted at 10:18h, 04 October Reply

    This is soooo good!! I love how you see a wedding day. And that photo with your 5 couples is fantastic and such a special thing for you to have!!

  • Emily
    Posted at 10:44h, 04 October Reply

    Wow – incredible! I love everything about this. The emotion is palpable in these photos and I love your tilt shifting. :)

  • Angie
    Posted at 13:12h, 04 October Reply

    This is so great! Love everything about this. You truly captured every unique detail and emotion perfectly!

  • Heather Logan
    Posted at 13:58h, 04 October Reply

    Beautiful! and brings back so many memories for me… You always do an amazing job Brea! XOXO

  • Jennifer Harvey
    Posted at 15:13h, 04 October Reply

    I am gushing over their portraits! specifically the ones in front of the pond!

    Posted at 00:12h, 05 October Reply

    This wedding looks like such a blast!! You captured how fun this was so well. And those night portraits are INCREDIBLE!!

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