Pond View Farm Wedding | White Hall, MD | Katlyn + Andrew

September 13, 2017 Pond View Farm Wedding | White Hall, MD | Katlyn + Andrew

Katlyn and Andrew had the most perfect Pond View Farm wedding this past Friday. There is so much love and laughter in this blog post!

The Couple

From the bride: Andrew and Katlyn met in college. They both started out pursuing Accounting degrees, but Katlyn soon realized she would hate her life if she stayed in that profession. They didn’t talk much while having classes together, but Andrew made a few weird jokes that made Katlyn laugh (occasionally) and slowly worked up the courage to ask her out on a date. Andrew was incredibly nervous the whole time because she was and still is his “dream girl”. By the end of the date, Andrew thought she had absolutely 0 fun and never wanted to see him in a romantic fashion ever again. He was completely wrong. Little did either of them realize they had met the person they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with.

Fast forward almost 6 years and Andrew is preparing to propose to Katlyn. He secretly plots with her sisters to buy the perfect ring. They pick it out and Andrew concocts a plan that he thinks Katlyn will love (although at this point she’ll pretty much love any proposal). Katlyn’s favorite holiday is Christmas, so Andrew decided to propose around this time of year. After all the preparations and planning, Andrew proposed in front of a Christmas tree and Katlyn said “yes!”

The Wedding

Katlyn and Andrew’s engagement session last week was the perfect preview to their wedding day. We had so much fun – they’re both hilarious and witty and complement each other perfectly. The wedding day? Much of the same. Plus lots of emotion and lots and lots of love. We even got a little good luck rain, that lasted all of 7 minutes. Words won’t do this day justice, so I’ll just get on to the photos. Here are just a few of my favorites:

andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1807 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1809 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1810 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1808 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1811 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1812 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1813 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1814 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1815 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1816 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1817 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1818 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1819 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1820 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1821 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1822 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1823 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1824 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1827 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1825 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1828 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1829 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1830 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1831 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1832 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1833 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1834 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1836 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1837 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1838 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1839 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1840 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1841 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1842 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1843 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1845 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1844 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1846 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1847 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1848 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1850 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1854 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1851 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1853 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1856 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1855 andrew-katlyn-pond-view-farm-wedding-photos_1858

Pond View Farm Wedding Vendors

Venue: Pond View Farm
Photographer: Breanna Shaw, Photography by Brea
Photography Assistant: Tommy Wagner
Wedding Coordinator: Jessica Root
DJ: David Orlando
Officiant: Mike Ginski
Bakery: Flavor Cupcakery
Caterer: Pond View Farm
Enaura Bridal
Bridal Shop: Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection
Hair Stylist: Liz Gondeck – Revelry Hair Studio
Florist: Blush Floral Design Studio 
Rentals/Linens: Pond View Farm
Wedding Stationery: Minted



  • Jennifer
    Posted at 06:16h, 13 September Reply

    What a fun wedding! It looks like they had quite the party!

  • Dani Leigh
    Posted at 12:14h, 13 September Reply

    So beautiful!! I love those creamy tones and all the photos by the water are amazing!!

  • Angela M Powell Woulfe
    Posted at 12:14h, 13 September Reply

    What a beautiful day, at one of my favorite wedding venues! Stunning work, as always, Brea!!

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