Mollie + Reece | Tusculum Farm Wedding Photos | Laytonsville, MD

October 27, 2022 Mollie + Reece | Tusculum Farm Wedding Photos | Laytonsville, MD

From the moment I first met Mollie and Reece, I knew that their wedding would be one of the most fun and emotional weddings I’d ever have the opportunity to be a part of. This beautiful day exceeded my every expectation, and I’m psyched to share the highlights today.

The Couple

In March of 2020, when Naples, FL started locking down because of the pandemic, two kids who grew up 40 min away from one another in Maryland happened to have their first interaction. They connected through a popular dating app and began to video chat one another at nighttime to share stories about their days. From that day forward, they never skipped a day without checking in on one another.

They eventually grew to become the best of friends, almost inseparable at times, known by their family members as the collective “Meece.” Reece had planned an unusual and special engagement to take place on their one year anniversary. Mollie’s parents, sister, and aunt knew of the scheme, and all of Reece’s family were in on it, and his sister helped join in on the action. The plan was to take the doodles wearing “will you marry me” bandanas to surprise Mollie at the local winery. The day turned from cloudy to sunny and it seemed like the perfect moment!

Jim, Mollie’s father, said that he was going to stay home for a board meeting to throw her off track, and left a good 20 minutes after with the dogs. Reece met Jim and walked the dogs back to Mollie, and then popped the question with Mollie’s parents, sister and aunt, and Reece’s sister all looking on ready to pop champagne.

The Wedding

I could not love this couple more. Mollie and Reece individually are incredible, vibrant, beautiful people… but together? Together they are magic. This day was the perfect celebration of the perfect couple, and there’s no way I could do it justice with words, so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Here are just some of my favorites from the best day.

Tusculum Farm Wedding Photos

Tusculum Farm Wedding Vendors

Venue: Tusculum Farm
Photographers: Breanna Shaw and Tommy Wagner, Photography by Brea
Heather St.Clair
Band: One Love
Jessica LaTorre, sister of the bride
Bakery: Simply Desserts
Spilled Milk
Love Couture
Sarah Mason Style
Fleur de Lis
Something Vintage and Select Event Group
DTS Transportation
Creative Parties



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