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Torpedo Factory wedding photo

April 27, 2017 Torpedo Factory Wedding | Caitlin + Lars

Caitlin and Lars' Torpedo Factory wedding is the perfect way to kick off wedding season! These two are so sweet and easy-going, and I'm thrilled to have shared this important day with them. The Couple Caitlin and Lars met three years ago when their mutual friend (and later, bridesmaid!) Carling arranged a happy hour to introduce them. According to Caitlin and Lars, it was "love at first description!" after Carling described Caitlin as someone who "really loves to eat" and Lars as “...

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Strong Mansion Wedding photo

November 2, 2016 Strong Mansion Wedding | Sugarloaf Mountain | Jennie Rose + Brian

This Strong Mansion wedding at Sugarloaf Mountain was an absolute blast this past weekend. Jennie Rose and Brian are the best kind of fun, which meant for an awesome party to start their new life together. The Couple Jennie Rose and Brian met in the fall of 2012 when their future Best Man, Mike, made good on his promise to set Jennie Rose up with someone without telling her. He'd always told her he would just sit back and "watch it happen." Jennie...

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