Behind the Scenes | 2019 Shenanigans | Baltimore Wedding Photographers

January 7, 2020 Behind the Scenes | 2019 Shenanigans | Baltimore Wedding Photographers

It’s time for our most popular post of the year, the one where you get to peek into our silly lives and all of the shenanigans that happen behind the scenes. It’s also time for my annual disclaimer: I promise we do work! This is an entire year’s worth of silliness, which usually ends up being a handful of photos of thousands we take at a wedding :) We work our asses off for our couples (because we love you!), and we always make sure to have fun while doing so! These photos are a mix of lighting tests, photo bombs (unintentional and otherwise), and random other occurrences throughout a wedding day or portrait session. Without further ado, here’s our selection from 2019!

Behind the Scenes of Baltimore Wedding Photographers

Taken by my friend Juliana when I visited for their Day in the Life session!
If you tuned in for last year’s edition, you saw that Courtney and I got married. This time (homeless) Tommy and Jimmy did!
Tommy still takes pictures way too close to my face.
Also this year we did a lot of in home sessions and all of the animals love him.
Kitty was blocking my way to the bathroom.
Tommy is a starfish.
Pure chaos for Jenny and Dean’s wedding in DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival! Beautiful, beautiful chaos.
When it’s hot out, ya gotta air out your pits.
When Jordan first connected me with Jamie and Teri, he called me “Brea ‘Best in Biz’ Shaw” – so they started calling me “Bib” and it was a running joke in all of our emails and at the engagement session. The BEST part of this story is when we showed up to the wedding and got our place cards and saw what they put for Tommy… LOL
Their cake was apparently delicious. Sorry Brooke.
Also, Brooke’s face is too pure when she first saw Clare in her dress.
Speaking of Clare and Taylor’s wedding. This photo is HILARIOUS. Tommy was getting candids of people laughing along to the speeches and I unwittingly caught this shot showing what his flash did to the poor guy standing by the column. Anyone who’s ever been banged directly in the face by one of our flashes knows how awful that can be. Dude, whoever you are, we’re sorry.
Friends!! Danielle and Jeff are awesome and I’m so thankful that they’ve become friends for life! Also, Courtney!!! We miss you!!
I love this photo because I look so happy. Their ceremony was SO GOOD.
Immediately following this next photo Tommy ended up debilitated with allergies from walking through the grasses and took like a week to recover. Oops.
Everyone wants to pose with Tommy!
Not only does Tommy create beautiful light but he also creates beautiful shade.
Ray Ray! Ray came down from St. Louis to help me with Kiley and Doug’s wedding this June!
Kacie, I apologize but most of our favorite photos are of you. We love working with Swehland Productions!
Brooke found her hall!
Where’s Tommy? (Seriously, he’s in this shot. Who can find him?)
Subtitle for this post is “Shawn’s future back pain.”
I think Kacie is going to kill Tommy for taking this photo. lol
Pit stains and shielding from the rain.
We made new friends this year! Vu and Kin are awesome.
Courtney and Tommy are peas in a pod. I took these photos literally back to back.
Everything on me flying. Including my butt. lol
Poor Tommy. He sweat through that shirt in about 10 minutes. It was 110 degrees that day. He also left a sweat stain on the dock when he got up.
When you think you’ve ducked out of the way and you’re totally wrong.
This is my favorite moment of the year. Over the years after watching Shawn go from student to colleague to friend, I had the honor of capturing his wedding to Kacie this year. Shawn had witnessed me give grooms my pre-first look pep time countless times, and this time we both ended up in tears.
So much fun working with Ryan for the first time!
The following photo of Brooke was taken by Jordan. I’m sorry Brookies.
Speaking of Jordan, there’s our favorite DJ and Friendor! Also, best part of this photo is the bottom right corner. How I feel when it’s late September and it’s still blazing hot. I thought we were done with this. Also, how I feel when Tommy takes a picture of me taking a break with my hair thrown up. If looks could kill.
Graceful angel.
Sorry Bailey!
Photo by Jake, one of our grooms! Loving the shutter drag.
Again, Shawn’s future back pain… and my current back pain.
I swear we talk to each other.
CARLY GOT MARRIED THIS YEAR!!! It was the biggest honor to capture a fellow photographer and friend’s wedding. Her and Shannon have a truly beautiful love and it was one of the best days ever!
Oh, I also got involved with some drunk dancing with friends once I was off the clock ;) Thanks Maria for being ridiculous with me.
Megan and Richard‘s engagement session wasn’t fun at all. Nope. ;)
Run, Tommy, Run!
Jim Jam!




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    Awesome post, such fun photos. You rock!

  • Patty Allen
    Posted at 13:11h, 07 January Reply

    Love this! You and Tommy do great work!!

  • Maria
    Posted at 15:57h, 07 January Reply

    These are great!! What a fun year!

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