Vendor Spotlight: 1423 Events – Baltimore Wedding Planner

November 9, 2020 Vendor Spotlight: 1423 Events – Baltimore Wedding Planner

I started this series back in the spring and have had this interview on the back burner for a while – oops! At least it was for a good reason, we resumed work and had an amazing wedding season! Now that things are winding down, it seems like a good time to get back into creating unique content for the blog :) Starting first with this interview with Erin from 1423 Events!

We worked with Erin for the first time on Steve and Jessi’s wedding back in 2018. What I loved most about working with her that day was that everything got done, she was never in the way, and yet magically every single time I needed to ask her a question she appeared out of thin air. It’s like she has a special spidey-sense of when she’s needed. She navigates the space carefully like a ninja the rest of the time, making sure everything goes perfectly to plan – so couples can be truly present and enjoy the day. This sounds like a no-brainer, but we’ve worked with plenty of planners who hover with clipboards tick-tocking and keeping the couple on edge for the sake of a timeline. Erin’s events run perfectly on time without that added stress. She’s truly a magician and this is why we love her.

(Photo below by me :) such an honor to take new headshots for her team a few weeks ago!)

Erin Powell, Baltimore wedding planner with 1423 events

Without further ado, my interview with Erin!

How long have you been in business?

I have been involved in some type of event planning for over 15 years. I started taking on wedding clients in 2013 and still love every aspect of my job.

How did you get into doing wedding and event planning?

I began my career in marketing and many of my clients not only needed help with branding and messaging, but they also needed to reach their customers through both large and small events. As part of my marketing duties, I planned everything from intimate client dinners to large scale conventions and town hall meetings. I never really considered weddings until a friend introduced me to a fabulous couple who needed help with their wedding. They could not find a planner they connected with so my friend asked me to chat with them to see if I could help. I fell in love with the couple and agreed to plan their wedding. That was the beginning of a new love affair with wedding planning. I decided to slowly move from the world of corporate events to take on more and more wedding clients. Now my business is almost all weddings.

What is it about weddings that you love most?

Connections. I love meeting my clients and their families. I love meeting other vendors and working with talented and interesting people. I love spending my time on a day that is filled with joy and romance and love. I love watching all the parts come together. And I love any type of celebration, so weddings are really a perfect fit for me.

Describe your ideal client:

I have been lucky to work with wonderful clients. They enjoy collaborating and sharing ideas. They are open to advice and suggestions. They are excited about their wedding. They express their visions and expectations clearly, so I know I am always acting in their best interest. Communication is important in the wedding planning process, so I welcome working with clients who keep me in the loop and openly share information.

What makes your approach to planning unique? 

I do not know for certain what sets me apart from other wedding planners, but I do know that collaboration is important to me to me on the wedding day. I work very closely with the other vendors to make sure they have everything they need to perform their duties. If the photographer needs me to make sure no one walks into the perfect shot or the florist needs me to hold the ladder or carry some supplies, I am all about teamwork. I am always in constant communication with the other vendors to make sure we are pulling off the day as perfectly as we have planned. And at the end of the day, being nice is valuable to me. I have heard horror stories about planners not being kind on wedding days and I believe the planner should be the nicest person in the room regardless of what is going on around him or her.

What is something you love to do outside of work?

If I am not working, I am spending time with my husband and our twin toddlers, Frank and Brady. We love being outside and being active. I love a good glass of red wine (or two) and a good book. In the summer I spend as much time at the Jersey Shore as wedding season will allow. My family and I live in the city and enjoy all the perks of city living- lots of playgrounds, good restaurants, and waterfront activities.

Event planned by Baltimore wedding planner Erin Powell with 1423 EventsEvent planned by Baltimore wedding planner Erin Powell with 1423 Events

Seriously, if you’re a couple who just wants to have fun and enjoy your day and have someone take care of all of the logistics so you can truly let go – Erin is your gal. Need more proof? Check out these weddings we’ve worked alongside 1423 Events!

Jessi + Steve’s Cylburn Arboretum Wedding
Doug + Kiley’s Wedding at The Winslow Room
Anna + Scott’s Wedding at Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Museum
Gabe + Lorrie’s Wedding at Rye Street Tavern
Sarah + Clint’s New Year’s Eve Wedding at Mt. Washington Mill Dye House



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