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August 25, 2020 Liz + Chris | Patterson Park Picnic Wedding Photos | Baltimore, MD

Liz and Chris' Patterson Park Picnic Wedding was the perfect covid-friendly celebration and I'm so excited to share my favorites on the blog today! The Couple From the couple: "In April 2018, Chris had just recovered from a badly broken leg. He had spent all day at the lab trying to catch up on all the work he missed while recovering from his injury. It was his first night walking without crutches and he was feeling frisky. He made plans to go...

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August 19, 2020 Robin + Billy | Caboose Farm Wedding Photos | Thurmont, MD

I had unreasonably high expectations for Robin and Billy's Caboose Farm Wedding. And yet, every. single. thing. about this day exceeded my expectations. So excited to share the highlights on the blog today! The Couple From the bride: "Billy and I met at auditions for Into the Woods in Frederick, MD. We became close friends throughout those couple months of rehearsal, talking every day. After the show's run ended, we stayed close. We helped each other through some rough times, and realized...

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August 18, 2020 Dana + Justin | Backyard Micro-Wedding Photos | Potomac, MD

Dana and Justin had the best Backyard Micro-Wedding ever and I'm so excited to share the highlights on the blog today! The Couple How We Met: Dana's Story: I joined a kickball team and met two new teammates named Chris and Brian who happened to live in Bethesda. My friend, Sarah, really liked Chris. So, being a good wing-woman, I agreed to go with Sarah to hang out with Chris, Brian and their friends, however, it ended up being just Chris and Brian. Sarah...

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August 12, 2020 Becky + Josh | Rod N Reel Resort Wedding Photos | Chesapeake Beach, MD

Becky and Josh's wedding this past weekend at Rod N Reel Resort was loving and intimate and the perfect celebration of a beautiful love! The Couple From the bride: "Josh and I met on Tinder :) We went on our first date on June 4, 2015 and had dinner at Union Jacks in Columbia. It went very well and we decided to keep seeing each other. After a few dates, Josh invited me over to his place and took me to Sunset...

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